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David J. Fritz

417 Moilanen Rd.

Longview, Wa


(360) 423-7912

December 01 2014

Professional Objective:

Full time position

 I am available for immediate hire to provide experienced electronic product and systems engineering and technical support including computer related services. I have supervision, management, production and qualification/testing experience. I enjoy identification of root cause issues and am prepared to 'roll up my sleeves' and do whatever is needed.

  1. A team member or an individual with direct full-time availability and responsibility for project success and support.
  2. Direct customer or supplier technical interface and assistance including support of products being provided.
  3. Experienced with contract management and consulting services, managing supplier performance and qualification.
  4. I.T. Manager and Information Systems Engineer.
  5. Customer service
  6. LAN/ WAN Management, database administration, migration and installation, solution implementation, system integration and integrity assessment, Intranet and Internet information management
  7. Product / Systems evaluation, testing and qualification, and final customer sign-off of completed technical elements against contractual elements.

  I strive to be friendly and provide measurable customer satisfaction in all projects, updates, support and collaboration jobs, I do equally well working with end users as with engineering peers. I consider myself no better than any other team member, but work very hard to be as good. In any position, I bring my team skills with people development, electronics engineering and system troubleshooting.

  With a lifelong passion for people and technology, I believe my skill and enthusiasm is a major asset in training, assisting and helping any organization’s internal and external customers. A philosophy that embraces assistance to insure success typifies my work ethic. As a supervisor and manager, I believe in quality team development, including productive fun time and serious focus time. I am willing to enter an organization at any level and prove my abilities, dedication and skill in whatever work is available.

   I bring core equipment and component understanding, realistic systems expectations and understanding. I look forward to challenges with optimism and a plan. Positions that need my experience, curiosity, creativity, people and engineering skills are what I am looking for. I am thrilled when they require trouble-shooting, different or inventive methods or processes.

  Thank you for taking the time to review my skills against your needs. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


 David J. Fritz

Professional Experience:

Consultant: Network, Web and Data system services

 January 2003 to present

Highland Laboratories Inc., IT and equipment support;

 May 17 2002 to January 2 2003

   IBM RS6000/PICK support, Network and workstation support.

- General repair and support of production equipment.

= Design and documentation of filling system.

Oregon State DAS GGDC, Sr. Unix System Administrator:

 09-04-2001 to 01-15-2002

 SUN Solaris 5.8 systems in enterprise environment.


 Windows 2000, LAN/WAN networking engineer

 Systems engineering research

ATSI Group: Temporary / Contract Employee; 9/99 - 2/2001; Portland and Salem, Oregon

8-15-2000 to 2-3-2001

 IT MANAGER; PrintBid.Com

   Information Technology manager and engineer.

8/2000 to 2/2001

  Program and system support, server repair, replacement, software update and install, user support, Cluster server install and maintenance, Oracle support, IIS5 server install, support, user administration, OS migration.

 Microsoft Exchange Systems Engineer; Freightliner

Independent: Temporary Employee; Professional services,

8/98 to 8/2000

 Contractor; Oregon Dept. of Corrections (ODOC), Salem OR;

     Email Directory sharing re-design, MS Exchange server install, maintain


 Contractor; Professional IT services; Consultant and developer, Salem OR;

3/95 to 6/96

 Electronic system design

Customer support

Product improvement

Reliability enhancement and field support

New product development: (circuit design, programming, prototype)

Control Data Systems, Inc. (CDS) Salem, Oregon    

2/95 - 8/98;

 INFORMATION SERVICES SPECIALIST, Sr. DATA ANALYST: (Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Corrections) included on-site 24x7 availability, daily management of project and status reporting.

Data migration from IBM Mainframe to RDBMS hosted on HP-UX/HP-500 server: Informix database; data Conversion included specification, programming, testing, customer sign-off

E-mail system engineering (sendmail/MS Exchange)

LDAP service support and client training

X.500 directory maintenance and modifications on Sun Solaris 5.6

Computer System field support; design/maintenance

Software field installation, configuration and optimization

Data and User migration

II Morrow Inc. Division of United Parcel Service Salem, Oregon



    Engineering Services

    Component Engineering

 Supervised team of 12 engineering staff

 Developed Component Engineering group

Provided focal point for resolution of specification issues


o Provided (designed/reported) qualification tests; custom IC’s & power systems

o Formal Design qualification during product design reviews

Toshiba America MRI Inc. (formerly DIASONICS, Inc. MRI DIVISION)

So. San Francisco, CA   


Medical Electronics Manufacturer (GMP/Engineering Services Liaison)

Computer System Hardware Engineer

Component Engineer

RF System Engineer

New Product Introduction Engineer

Configuration Management Engineering CCB Representative; formal

Regulatory testing support; scheduled testing, reporting

Environmental certification of systems and systems design; formal

Test plan and failure analysis reports; formal

KarKar Electronics, Inc., Telecommunications Multiplexer Division 10/85 - 4/86 San Francisco, CA

10/85 - 4/86


Harris Digital Telephone Systems, 11/77 - 10/85, Novato, CA

11/77 - 10/85

Component and System TEST ENGINEER;

Q.C. Technical lead, Test Dept. lead.

Training and Development detail:

Microsoft .NET two day training @ MS, Portland OR.

MS Exchange 5.5 (ARIS 6-1-98), Outlook 97 / 98 / 2000

NT 4.0 Admin/Support, Networking Essentials (8-98)

CDS Global X.500 Directory Service '98 (CDS 2/98)


 UPS supervisor / manager training programs; people, project and team development


AIX/PICK on RS/6000, HP9000-UNIX / Sun Solaris -UNIX (install, upgrade, provide system administration during customer acceptance), AS-400 admin work, DEC MicroVAX II (system engineering, configuration, power management, backup/restore) PDP 11/XX, VAX 11/730 (upgrade, test, system operator)


Enterprise Production support with Emphasis on Information Systems (Client/server)

Microsoft Back office products (MS Exchange, MS SQL Server 7, IIS 4/5, Site Server, Site Indexer, DNS, RAS/RRAS, DHCP, SMTP, routing and SMS) and using custom OEM products.

Hosts: IBM Netfinity M10, Tangent Proserve, COMPAQ Proliant 16XX/18XX, 3000, 6400, Cluster Server and desktop systems.

OS: MS DOS, Linux, Windows9x, NT Server and Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server on Intel, NT 4.0 & Windows 2000 installation & configuration; FTP/ IIS3&4&5 / WINS / DNS / DHCP / R-RAS (ISDN-DUN) Site Server, Index Server, remote admin., roaming profiles, system policy design, VPN.


created engineering services component database in Microsoft Visual Studio 6 (VB6, VC++,) using MS TSQL, PSQL, Delphi 2.0, 4.0, 5.0 and ANSI Pascal, PERL 5, x86 assembly / machine code. Knowledge Based Systems Design


Ethernet (3COM, NORTEL, IMC and CISCO hubs and switched hubs, managed hubs, bridge install and configure)


Linux networking within mixed OS environments

Multi-protocol environments

School History:

College: AS ET Marin Community College, Marin County California

  (College of Marin, Kentfield, Ca 94904)  December 1985

High School: San Marin High, 1975

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